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Published: 16.05.2019

Trend Mystery is another paid forex indicator from the Karl Dittmann team designed to make all traders millionaires if they buy it for a symbolic amount ). This time the indicator is made in the form of a histogram and is located in the lower window of the chart. The indicator 100% no repaint, it has highly profitable signals, multi-level confirmation technologies and a whole range of unique qualities. In short, prepare your big money bags and let's see what this new product actually represents.

Main characteristics

Trading signals of the Trend Mystery and its analog

When I first saw this indicator, it immediately seemed to me that I had once seen something similar. Rummaging a bit in my head, I remembered the indicator called MACD Blaster Pro. I recently released an article about this indicator before writing this review. So that you have a complete idea of what the conversation will be about.

I do not know what appeared earlier the chicken or the egg. Exactly how I do not know what appeared earlier Trend Mystery or MACD Blaster Pro. But the similarities between them are obvious. Here's a look:

This is Trend Mystery, EURUSD H4, Total Profit +510 pips:


And this is MACD Blaster Pro, EURUSD H4, Total Profit +478 pips:


Are similar? Like two brothers! Let's go further.

Trend Mystery EURJPY H4, Total Profit +694 pips:


MACD Blaster Pro, EURJPY H4, Total Profit +669 pips:


Trend Mystery, GBPUSD M30, Total Profit +336 pips:


MACD Blaster Pro, GBPUSD M30, Total Profit +339 pips:


Trend Mystery, GBPAUD M15, Total Profit +394 pips:


MACD Blaster Pro, GBPAUD M15, Total Profit +88 pips:


On this pair and time frame, MACD Blaster Pro managed much worse than its advanced brother. And on the other charts, they walked shoulder to shoulder, in no way inferior to each other.

Advantages of the Trend Mystery

If you were attentive, you might have noticed the inscription “MACD Power and number” on the charts with the Trend Mystery. The fact is that I had to constantly select the “MACD Power” parameter so that the signals from the MACD Blaster Pro indicator were close to those from the Trend Mystery indicator. It is very uncomfortable. And this is the main drawback of the MACD Blaster Pro.

In addition, Karl Dittmann indicator has a number of advantages over MACD Blaster Pro.

These are, for example, the recommendations for placing Stop Loss and Take Profit in a pop-up alert:


At the request of the trader, this information can be additionally duplicated on the Email and on the mobile phone.

Thus, we do not need to think about where to place Stop Loss or Take Profit. However, I still recommend monitoring Stop Loss at the nearest support-resistance levels.

The presence of 3 trading modes has already become traditional for indicators of this family:

  • Conservative
  • Medium
  • Aggressive

The most preferred is a conservative mode, because it has less risk and is more relaxed. At the start, I recommend trading only in this mode. And only after acquiring the necessary experience in trading, you can change the trading mode to a more risky (medium or aggressive).

MACD Blaster Pro has no risk sharing modes. But you can do it manually by changing the parameter “MA Power”.

In this video you can see the indicator signals in real time:


In this article, I only superficially focused on the merits of the Trend Mystery indicator. More information about it can be found on the developer’s website.

In the archive Trend_Mystery_analog.rar (29.3 KB):

  • Trend Mystery Analog template.tpl

Free Download Trend Mystery analog


Get original Trend Mystery


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  • Damyan
    Published: 17.05.2019 Reply to the message

    Its not the real indicator ... where is the real one 8)

    • Daniel
      Published: 17.05.2019 Reply to the message

      You did not carefully read the post. This is an analogue. The original indicator HERE.

      • mark
        Published: 27.07.2019 Reply to the message

        whats the difference between the original version and this analogue

  • sidney
    Published: 17.05.2019 Reply to the message

    If anyone has a consistent strategy please share with me.... sidney.nkutha@gmail.com. i have tried too many systems... something has to work. :(

    • johhny
      Published: 13.06.2019 Reply to the message

      this is no consistent profitable strategy every trader lose money the best strategy I think you will have more wins then losses is price action you will mostly likely come on top 85% of your trades with it I mean indicators is design to follow the markets actions so a indicator can only do so much so if your question was is there any consistent profitable indicators mostly not but some you will have more wins then losses … the only way to be come consistent profitable if you tradeless

  • Lion
    Published: 22.05.2019 Reply to the message


    Wich is the "MACD Power" value for H4 timeframe...?

    Many thanks for all...!

  • sulaeman
    Published: 24.06.2019 Reply to the message

    thanx Daniel for everything u done for us *OK* *OK* *OK*
    please for this one
    the link is broken ..... :-D :-D :-D

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